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Detailed by R. Picard
Classic #1 as Cuban GP winner

About Slot Car Innovations

Slot Car Innovations is owned and operated by me - Richard Picard. As an active hobbyist, I returned to slot cars in 2005 when building a layout for my kids.  Reliving my childhood with them has been great fun - but over time I grew tired of the "toy like" bodies that were available and desired more realism.  Over time I learned about cast resin bodies.  After collecting some, I decided to learn about the casting process, and added an intersting twist of modern technology. 


An Engineer by profession, I am very involved with product development and manufacturing processes.  Learning to cast high quality parts took some time, but with the help of some very close friends, diecast toy cars were converted to resin slot bodies .  I found this was a time consuming process and many times these bodies did not suit the standard slot car chassis.  

I an idea was born and the use of CAD modeling was used to create a rapid prototypes of new bodystyles.  These accurate and properly sized bodies, were then used as master patterns to make molds.   The results were better than anticipated. The opportunity to make bodies that no one else has produced, allows Slot Car Innovations to re-create replicas of wonderful classic racing cars!  I hope you enjoy them.

A Great Hobby

This is a wonderful hobby that has allowed me to meet many people and make new friends.  Its fun, so I try to keep Slot Car Innovations a balance of fun, and work.   In order to do this I try to create one or two new products a season - this way the hobby is still fun and not overly burdensome.  So please visit the pages that outline the bodies, and parts I have produced.  If interested in any of them please contact me.

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